New release – version 1.0.5

Bum Guy is not so bashful in this new release.  We’ve coaxed him to come out of the shadows and dance for you on stage.  Yes, it adds 4 seconds between when you find a solution and the time you get to work on the next one, but what’s the rush?  This isn’t Tetris or some shoot ‘em up.  Enjoy the dance, Bum Guy is doing the happy dance for you because you found another solution. (Sorry for you who are using an old iPod running IOS 4.2.  Bum Guy just couldn’t figure out how to dance on your device without crashing.. I think it’s a memory problem, but I don’t remember.)

And for those of you who discovered that there was a defect (“bug” for us old timers) in the version 1.0.4 that allowed you to count a placement of pieces that wasn’t legal, that has been fixed.  For now, we’ll still count them, but in a later version, you will have to option of removing all illegal solutions.

What will be new in the next version?  That’s a secret.  Bum Guy thinks you will like it though.